We are so excited - today we deliver the birth of our Blog! Happy birthday!

The first blog post will evidently be about the big news! Sharing what we know you all have been waiting for 😉 None the less us! Are we pregnant or not? We have been on an emotional roaller coaster through out this whole IVF-journey (and previous inseminations) but with a good gut feeling. The question is just; Is it going to be NOW? Are we finally pregnant?

We are so happy to have you all with us on this journey of both; life, IVF and what Pawsome Moms will be up to in the future. To feel Your love and support, to read Your comments and feel the good energy coming our way. When shifting our lifes in the direciton we desire and dream of, your support is invaluable. Thank you!

Now...For the BIG NEWS - look at the video below. We'll get back to you asap with more info..!

Lots of love,

Märta and Maria