This friday Maria and I went to a café for lunch to work on our projects. I was just about to start writing a blog post that I had been longing for to write, but my body and mind didn’t function. I felt so tired and sick I only managed to get some emails sent and then went straight home to bed, shivering like an autumn leaf.

So… here I am in a not so good state but with my fluffy guardian angel Napoleon looking over me. Watching me. On the sofa, by the bed, at the table eating my green soup. It seems he is like the little angel sitting on one shoulder checking so that I eat only what is healthy for me and making sure that I am resting, resting, resting. And getting on the yoga mat, if so only for a few breaths. Let’s just say Napoleon has been my fluffy guardian angel this weekend. And trust me, he sure can switch and sit on the other so called shoulder being a little devil in disguise 😉 And I love it. His fluffy, loving, devilish company. He always makes me feel better <3