With my back against the window, I took another bite that just exploded with flavour in my mouth. The rawfood pizza slice tasted so, so good. I had been wanting to try this restaurant for a long time. It’s just ”a whole in the wall” but with lots of love for good, clean food.

I felt lucky sitting there listening to two beautiful women talking. Finally Maria and I got to see our new found friend Birgitta again. She is such a cool lady, I’ll tell you. After working a top job at a big company within Human Resourses, raising two beautiful kids, she really knows the worth of enjoying the precious moments of life that we are handed. A great inspiration and hopefully a good friend in the making. Besides, we adore her husband Per too. 😉 

After lunch we had a swedish ”fika” but with rawfood sweets. We jumped at the treats so I forgot to take a picture until we were almost finished. A pretty good review.

So If you are looking for friday fun with an extra health-touch – go to Matapoteket at Södermalm. We can surely recomend it. <3