This morning I thought it was time for a healthy treat. Right now I eat fairly strickt just to get my thyroid gland back in balance and to regain strength. Though my view is that we heal through energy (we are energy down to our very core, and there for it´s easy to understand that we also heal through energy. Simple quantum physics 😉 but I´ll get back to you on that another day), I still think all pieces of the puzzle play their part to set the intention to be healthy and to heal. That includes food. Basically – shit in, shit out, is how it is for me. So even though I enjoy some ”shit” at times 😉 I eat clean and mean and green most of the time! Why? Beacause it optimizes my health.
So here are som yummy and healthy treats to face the upcoming colds and winther ahead! 

We heal through energy. Simple quantum physics 😉 

When I was in Skärholmen (a part in Stockholm) for work and passed by the square I couldn´t resist on buying some beautiful veggies at the market. The result; raspberry and parsley pancakes! Served with strawberry mush and honey (and for me a little butter aswell hehe. Maria doesn´t like butter, can you believe it..!) 

If you want to try them make a bach of American pancakes. I always make them healthy 😉 If you want to do the same; remove the sugar or use a bit of honey instead. I used almond milk and a bit of water, and I used coconut, almond and chickpea flour instead of wheat (since I eat glutenfree and beacuse it´s good stuff for you). Add a pinch of mineral salt. After that I added my fine chopped parsley and cut in half raspberries. Mmmm mmm mmmmm! The pancakes turned out delicious! Luckily for me since I never go by recipe, I just blend as I go along 😉 . 

Another thing that I do a lot of right now are different soups. Here is a spinache, sugar peas and tumeric soup (well it was plenty more stuff in it but these were the main ingredients. It sort of resembled the park I walked through on my way to work the other day 🙂 

I love to have a warm healthy drink (besides all the green tea I love drinking). This one is so simple and has a lot of antiinflammatory benefits.
Heat up some water (or you could use almond milk or some other plantbased milk), add some sliced fresh ginger, tumeric, a little bit of cinnamon and a spoon of coconut oil. Sometimes I add some lemon. This gets me started for the day! 

What is your favourite (healthy?) food right now? 

Now you´ve seen bits and pieces of what I eat these days. Sharing is caring <3 So please leave a comment on what is your favourite (healthy?) food right now and let me know if anything above sounded good.

Lots of love, pancakes and treats 🙂 //Märta