Okay, so I added Märta on Facebook. What happened then?

If you missed Part 1 you can read it here.

Snoop around

You need to be smart about social media when it comes to dating. Snoop around and don’t leave any trails behind (I’m excellent at that btw), unfortunately Märta had a closed profile. I almost couldn’t access any info on her through her Facebook page without adding her. Crap. Solution —> add her late at night, but not too late because you don’t want her to be asleep, because then she can’t accept our friend request…

I added Märta around 11 p.m. She accepted in an instant. Perfect, we are now connected on Facebook but it’s “to late” to communicate, we now have ALL NIGHT to go through each other’s Facebook pages and see if the other is a freak or actually seems to be a sane person. (Remember, I just came from bad relationship, no more weird chicks for me).

The morning after

All pressure was on me. I added HER which (in dating language) means that I have to send a first message to her. And I did, on the subway to work.

Overtime at work 2013

This first message was the beginning of a VERY long and exciting conversation online. We had so much to talk about and felt a thrilling connection to one another. But there was no time to meet. I had a massive deadline at work coming up and at the same time I was moving out from my ex (who kept our apartment with her new girlfriend) to my own apartment. What a relief to have my own space! I can’t even begin to explain how good it felt to finally be able to breathe again. To feel free.

Absolutely FREE at Pride 2013 🙂

Me, mom, sister and niece at Pride 2013

Märta also had a packed schedule. She was in London visiting a friend and all other free time went to her family, and especially to her father who was very ill.  

Each day that passed made me more and more curious about this hot chick that Åsa and Katja matched me together with. I couldn’t wait to meet her! My gut feeling had spoken the same moment that I heard her name for the first time, and I knew that she was the one, my soulmate.

I felt happy for the first time in years and so relieved to have my own place. I moved to the newest part of Stockholm which is called Hammarby Sjöstad, I had a hunch that this was the right place for me, not knowing much about Stockholm (and this was possible only because of the amount of overtime I spent in the office during the last decade). It was summer In Sweden and I could watch the boats pass by below from my pawsome balcony. It was just a studio apartment but it was a great one! I remember feeling proud that I once managed to move from a small city and work my way up in the big city to be able to buy this (small) studio.  What a great feeling! It didn’t matter to me that I barley had any furniture. No bed and no sofa. But with an inflatable mattress on the floor my confidence was on top. Time to meet Märta!

Who needs furniture when you have chairs, music and coffee?

We decided to meet on the same day as my deadline at work was due (because I couldn’t wait a day longer at this point!).

When I saw her turn her beautiful face to the sky and heard her wonderful, contagious laughter I knew she was my soulmate. It took me about 45 minutes. Just one small problem though, Märta certainly didn’t know this and neither did the waitress who was flirting with Märta during our dinner…

(Not that many pictures of us from that first time).

To be continued.