One year ago from today, we spent the whole day and night at the ER before I had to be submitted to the hospital
Let’s just say that I am grateful for the year that has passed by. Parts of it have been really painful and I wouldn’t want to do it again. But it also came with insights. I am eternally grateful for my health. 

Everything happens for a reason and the things that we like to label bad, are usually events that come with great transformation and a big goodie bag. At the end. We just need to ride out the storm, do our best, remember the peace inside us and walk the walk. And look for beauty in life even when we are at our worst. Im not saying to ignore our sorrows or trying to replace our sadness with over-enthusiastic happy smiles. Absolutely not. But too look for the beauty in life with a grace and knowingness that it is all there for a reason and it is all there for me. By me, for me, of me. All is connected. 

So.. looking back at this tough past year… I now look forward to our upcoming events, adventures and everyday life 🙂 

Stay tuned to join us in shaping our lifes  the way we dream of!  

The autumn here has been beautiful! Here are some pics from last week of autumn in Stockholm and our neighborhood. 

(Nooo we didn’t steal a baby! I was on a walk with my good friend Ingrid and her little Thedore in Hammarby Sjöstad 😉 )

Lots of love ~ Märta