I was going to tell you about this week, many exhiting and beautiful things has happened! Yoga and Pilates classes almost everyday. Interesting, lovely people, my special tuesday activity .. 😉 and plenty more. But!!… I have a problem to solve. Can you help me?  

A wannabe Dancing Queen (?).. at her former work place. 😉 

You see my best friend J, is coming to visit next weekend. Great! With her she brings her 4 year old son and her wife. All good. Maria and I will be baby sitting on Friday night so that the lovely ladies can go out for some fun with my best friends wifes family who is gathered in Stockholm for the weekend. 

My best friend J and me. 

So here it is – me and J want to go out dancing on Saturday! 😀 Caramba! Yeay! It’s a gay party and all! I haven’t been out dancing in ages. It was actually Maria’s idea. She wants to go too! Grrreat! 

Cray fish Swedish tradition with J last year. Maria doesn’t like Cray fish so the best way to eat it is with someone else. Preferably this one 🙂 

But how shall we conivince the wife of my best friend that going out dancing is a great idea, while she has to stay in with theire son?!? 

I know it may sound a bit selfish.. but I only see my friend so rarely, so lets hope we can come up with something that works. Maria even calls my friend J “my dance girlfriend” ? Luckily Maria is not the jealous typ. I love her for it! (But she hasn’t got a reason to be jealous anyway ? ? ) 

So…. will we be Dancing Queens next weekend or…? 

Well, let’s see 😉 

Lots of love and Dance to you all! Xoxo <3