To discover and know the light within you,  is a big part of the spiritual journey. 

Tonight I joined a friend who wanted to attend a seans for the first time. This transformation from never imagening attending anything spiritual, thinking and acting only with and from our mind to open up and discover more to ourselves as a spiritual being, usually happens when we lose someone close to us. So was the case for my friend. Death can be birth in disguise not only for the soul crossing over but also for the ones left behind <3 

For me, let’s just say it was not my first contact with the spirit world.. I’ll get back to you on that, I promise. It’s one of my favourite topics. ? 

The seans was good, but even better was the lovely time me and my friend spent connecting after the seans – talking about life. It happened to take place at a cosy Italian restaurant that was open nearby. Luckily for us, cause a candle lit little table in the window corner felt just like the right place to escape the storm outside and to connect. To spirit, to each other, to life. Laughter and tears. 

So thank you life and Lotta, for a lovely Sunday evening. I hope you all had a wounderful weekend <3 

Lots of love ~ Märta