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Do you have the courage to bring forth the treasures that are hidden within you?

Am I being true to myself? Am I living the life I’m meant to live – a life that most honors the real me, celebrates my deepest values and respects my highest dreams? This is questions that I struggle with every day now a days. Not only if I have the courage but more importantly – what is my gift? What is it that is going to be my legacy in the world?

I think that my future is going to look (and is already looking) very different from how it would have turned out if I hadn’t undergone my journey – the burnout – over the last couple of years.

My self-esteem was built only on what I managed to achieve at work. First as an authorized accounting consultant and then later as a CFO. I always prioritized work over friends, lovers, vacation, my health and hobbies, over anything to be honest. Now when I have been on sick leave for a very long time and have had the time to discover what I enjoy doing, I have realized that I really enjoy being creative, using my imagination, read books and to travel the world with my future wife Märta. Here a thought emerges. Is this something I can make a living of in the future? It’s a thrilling (and scary) thought.

Then my realistic self emerges and tells me that I need to make a living and that I should go back to economics now that I’m feeling better and is soon to start working again. And yes, this is what is about to happen. At least for a while. The difference now is that I have discovered a whole bunch of things that I enjoy doing, that a had forgotten about when I was working all the time. And today I made a promise to myself that I am going to set aside time to really do these things, and just not dream about them anymore.

Maybe I’ll write a Scandinavian crime fiction book. Maybe I’ll try swimming or paddle. Maybe I’ll start a book club with some new friends. Maybe Märta and I’ll go to a (scary) dance class together.

Its time for me to start living a more authentic life! I think that if you begin to do things that you are frightened of it might make life less scary in the long run. Will you join me?        

Vibrant colours and our Ubud favourite hang out place

After spending some time at the coast, we headed back to Ubud. Perfect place for some relaxation and online work. We had our own little Balinesian house with a private pool – our little oasis.

We just had to share it with some geckos, frogs, warms and a crab. Yes a big crab came out from behind the toilet one night when Maria was doing her business there. You can imagine the reaction! ??

In that part of Ubud outskirts we had yet another lovely restaurant, just a couple of rice fields away (400 meters or so).

It was such a cosy, cool place!

The owner was an australian artist doing some amazing colourwork paintings that decorated the walls of this place. All in the spirit of Bali with motives from everyday island life.

The Mesari restaurant quickly became our favourite place to dine and hang out.

And we can really recomend the coconut latte. Right Maria? ??

Lots of coconut love to you all! ❤

Resting Budda

I start my morning with some “me-time”. I could say alone-time, but I am not lonely. Those moments in the morning is usually when I feel the most connected. Connected to nature, to silence and to what I observe around me. 

Today I got extra aware of the present moment – thanks to my Bali belly. ?? The bad always comes with something good. ?

But there are days when I feel disconnected, all up in my head and sometimes stressed out. All because of loss of contact with the present moment. 

But then there is an easy way to get anchored back in the Now- Meditation. So therefore my mornings are important to me (and I love that I usually wake up an hour or so before Maria) so I get this time of stillness and “me-time” ?? 

And today when feeling like a resting Buda, I gave my stomach some help to restart again, hoping to turn it around asap. Being in the out skirts of Ubud, it is easy to find great probiotic to help my Bali belly back in shape. This one is called cocobiotics and is a mixture of coconut water and great biotics. 

Lots of Bali love to you all! ❤

Bali belly

“How are you today?” Putu the fabulous masseur and lovely yoga teacher asked me. “Good, thank you” I replied “but with a bit of a bad stomach” I added. He smiled and looked friendly at me “Ohhh Bali belly. You’ve got Bali belly”. 

What a cute name for a not so cute reality. ??? 

But life goes up and down and it is still a small price to pay in order to be spending time in Eden – as my mother called Bali in a text message the other day. A small price to pay in order to keep going towards our dream life of freedom, that is. 

So that’s why we have been quiet the last couple of days (plus sporadically, super slow wifi due to heavy rain or the volcano). And why no new yoga video has come. Yet. ???

Lots of love from a poopy paradise! ? ❤

 ~ Märta 

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Photo explosion from Bali

I’m so grateful for the time we are able to spend together here in Indonesia. It almost feels unreal. One whole month of exploring, eating healthy, doing yoga, working on our projects, reading Scandinavian crime fiction and spiritual books, going for long walks under the palm trees, enjoying the sun (and the heavy rains, it rains a lot).

And also – planning our wedding! Something I didn’t thought we were going to do on this vacation!! I love you Märta! So glad you poped the question! It all happened on Christmas Eve, the proposal. I wasn’t at all prepared for it. I thought Märta needed one or two more years, at least, before she was ready. And now here we are, with rings on our fingers looking at wedding dresses. I promise to tell you all about the proposal another day. Subscribe down below so you don’t miss any details. 😉

The idea was to show you a lot more photos, but we’re having some problems with Wi-Fi at the moment. 

~~Love from Maria~~ (who is in a café reading Elisabeth Gilberts book ‘Big Magic – Creative living beyond fear’ while Märta is having a massage) 


Wedding dresses! 

Morning  time again and I am in my quiet zone. The inspiration is flowing and I just started to look into wedding dresses online… Wooah one can get stuck for hours! 

I love design in so many ways – just beacause of the playfullness of forms and colours, the creative process! 
Finding the balance of alignments to enhance features is an art. Almost like a dance! In dance we strive to find the perfect alignment to creat beautiful shapes and forms – different constallations – and the skill is not far from creating designs (shapes and forms) in other fields. It is all a dance – a creative expression of life! And when done skillfully – a fantastic creation you can’t take your eyes from. Pure joy, if you ask me. 

So sittning here, in the cosy Hotel bed with my bride to be sleeping her beauty sleep next to me, feeling joyfull about planning the wedding and looking at dresses. Who would have thouth, some years ago… ??


But I realized I’m going to need some help!! So please comment down below if you have any ideas for where to turn to for a beautiful wedding dress! 

I like a modern touch, Scandinavian simplicity, with a bit of a romantic touch. That said- it wouldn’t surprise me if the dress I’ll wear at the end will look quite different. ? Things never turn out the way we think, so it is best to aim at something and then just go with the flow. 

…..(She woke up ?❤)….. 
I wish you lots of love and creativity! And please send me ideas for dresses/designs/website! ? ?????

❤❤❤ ~ Märta 

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Bali beach and some truble in paradise

Maria is sleeping right now and the sun has just started to climb up over the roof tops. 

I love the quiet mornings. I get some time for myself, some time for reflection, meditation and a chance to wake up in my own pace. And usually for me, the inspiration flows at this time; and so I like to write. 

Yesterday, on one of the hottest days so far, we arrived to Jimbaran. Our plan was to go to Gili islands but due to volcano dust and me easily being very sea sick, we changed rout. 

As we had to wait for our room to be ready we quickly went down to the beach to cool off and have some lunch. 

We got a pleasant surprise; the beach was really nice. Beautiful and fairly clean! 

The sad thing that you can see around the touristic coast line here in Bali is a lot of plastic and garbage. The unawareness of how to deal with trash, plus the extrem amount of trash produced, is somewhat breath taking. It makes me sad to see how we treat this world sometimes. But it also makes me want to change things; starting with me. Starting to become more aware of the trash I leave behind so I can make changes. 

But now back to the beauty of things! So there we were, almost alone in paradise and for me finally eating seafood – some fresh grilled seaprawns right on the beach. Halleluja it tasted good! 

And as a grand final; a lovely band started playing for us… ??? 

Lots of love to you all from paradise ❤?? ~ Märta 

Planning the engagement – The rings ?

Being the freedom lover I am plus having to learn to trust another person and having them close enough to get to know the real me, without loosing myself in the relationship, was one of the reasons i felt I wanted to be the one to pop the question. If I ever would. 

You see, I was one of those girls who never dreamt of getting married. As a child I thought the idea of a wedding was terrifying; having to stand in front of a crowd admitting and declaring the love for someone. And non the least, I had to learn to feel free within my own relationships. This took me some time and hard work. I didn’t learn it as a child so I had to teach myself as an adult (with great help and guidence). 

Now I feel great with our relationship! It sure has it’s challenges and it’s ups and downs, but that’s just life. And I am so grateful for having this experience. To have Maria by my side, as my love, my support, my peaceful companien and as my challenge. And also soon to be; my wife. ❤ Lucky me. 

Thinking that I in the begining of our relationship, when my dad got sick in cancer and past away within 3 months and my family was just torn apart, I almost walked away from Maria. I start to cry every time I think about it. Thank God, with Maria’s help, I decided to stay. 

So after all of this, I’m sure you can understand that I wanted to be the one asking HER to marry ME. ?

Last year I started learning silversmithing. And the idea came to mind (plus Maria and her sister Christel insinuating by showing me the ringfinger ?) that I should make the rings and pop the question. 

And so I did! Thin silver rings. Since I still don’t know what kind of design on a ring both Maria and I would actually like to wear most of the time (no obligation to wear it all the time). But a symbol for love that looks so great (or simple) we’d love to wear it a lot. 

About the proposal, we will soon tell you all about it! ???

The idea is that I am going to make new rings during this spring, I just have to come up with a design we like first. (And actually, we both are quite found of our simple silver rings ?). Got any ideas for design? If so please share them with us in the comment field below! 

Wish you lots of  ❤ and happiness from Bali ~ Märta 

What we eat when in Bali – Favourite restaurants and cafés

Let me tell you there is some great food here in Bali! For me it is important to eat clean most of the time since I notice a big difference in my health when I eat healthy. I have tried many options when it comes to healthy food and habits and have now found my way that works really great. I don’t keep it strict, but i know how to when needed. Here in Bali, especially around Ubud, it is easy to eat clean and green. Many places has got great food on their menues!

Our favourite resturants has been in and around Ubud. We will give you a taste of our favourite restaurants, starting with this one; The Yellow Flower Café. 

When it isn’t very cloudy, this café has a nice view of the volcano Gunung Agung. The place is run by an Australien woman and her Balinesian husband.  

We usually share a coconut and it comes with cute plant straws – really organic. ? 

The raw spring rolls with a peanut sauce with a touch of mint is to die for.  Basically everything on the menu is good. It is all organic, local and mostly vegetarian and vegan. Though there are some option if you are in the mood for fish or organic chicken. 

We also had a big breakfast here with smoothie bowls and papaya lime frappochino (the orange sort of sorbé you can see above). So deliscious! 

The tempeh and corn sallad doesn’t look much fun here…but it is so so good. 

The way to The Yellow Flower Café is lovely. Quite exotic for a Swede! ?? 

Let’s wraps it up with a dessert! A Balinesian rice pancake with shreded coconut, palm nectar, strawberries and bananas. Yummie! 

Lots of love and health from Bali ❤?❤ ~ Märta  


It´s up, welcome to Pawsome Moms on YouTube!
We have now started a YouTube channel where we hope you all will join us. Our intention is to spread the joy for life with our everyday life adventures. At the same time we are aiming at creating our dream life of freedom, love and prosperity, with all the ups and downs life has to offer, we wish to share it with you. <3 Hoping we can inspire each other!

We believe that anything is Pawsible- Wheater you look at it from a quantum physics way with energy fields and string theory, or through a spiritual perspective, or just the perspective that where the attention goes – energy flows. What ever way of perspective that suits you, go with it. What is more important, however, is the core of it all, the LOVE, CREATIVITY and JOY! 
And that is what we will give and share with you on PAWSOME MOMS! Thank you for joining and let us know what inspires you in Life! Comment down below. 

Lots of love from the tropical night of Bali, now in Sanur ~ Märta & Maria 


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