Maria is sleeping right now and the sun has just started to climb up over the roof tops. 

I love the quiet mornings. I get some time for myself, some time for reflection, meditation and a chance to wake up in my own pace. And usually for me, the inspiration flows at this time; and so I like to write. 

Yesterday, on one of the hottest days so far, we arrived to Jimbaran. Our plan was to go to Gili islands but due to volcano dust and me easily being very sea sick, we changed rout. 

As we had to wait for our room to be ready we quickly went down to the beach to cool off and have some lunch. 

We got a pleasant surprise; the beach was really nice. Beautiful and fairly clean! 

The sad thing that you can see around the touristic coast line here in Bali is a lot of plastic and garbage. The unawareness of how to deal with trash, plus the extrem amount of trash produced, is somewhat breath taking. It makes me sad to see how we treat this world sometimes. But it also makes me want to change things; starting with me. Starting to become more aware of the trash I leave behind so I can make changes. 

But now back to the beauty of things! So there we were, almost alone in paradise and for me finally eating seafood – some fresh grilled seaprawns right on the beach. Halleluja it tasted good! 

And as a grand final; a lovely band started playing for us… ??? 

Lots of love to you all from paradise ❤?? ~ Märta