“How are you today?” Putu the fabulous masseur and lovely yoga teacher asked me. “Good, thank you” I replied “but with a bit of a bad stomach” I added. He smiled and looked friendly at me “Ohhh Bali belly. You’ve got Bali belly”. 

What a cute name for a not so cute reality. ??? 

But life goes up and down and it is still a small price to pay in order to be spending time in Eden – as my mother called Bali in a text message the other day. A small price to pay in order to keep going towards our dream life of freedom, that is. 

So that’s why we have been quiet the last couple of days (plus sporadically, super slow wifi due to heavy rain or the volcano). And why no new yoga video has come. Yet. ???

Lots of love from a poopy paradise! ? ❤

 ~ Märta 

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