I start my morning with some “me-time”. I could say alone-time, but I am not lonely. Those moments in the morning is usually when I feel the most connected. Connected to nature, to silence and to what I observe around me. 

Today I got extra aware of the present moment – thanks to my Bali belly. ?? The bad always comes with something good. ?

But there are days when I feel disconnected, all up in my head and sometimes stressed out. All because of loss of contact with the present moment. 

But then there is an easy way to get anchored back in the Now- Meditation. So therefore my mornings are important to me (and I love that I usually wake up an hour or so before Maria) so I get this time of stillness and “me-time” ?? 

And today when feeling like a resting Buda, I gave my stomach some help to restart again, hoping to turn it around asap. Being in the out skirts of Ubud, it is easy to find great probiotic to help my Bali belly back in shape. This one is called cocobiotics and is a mixture of coconut water and great biotics. 

Lots of Bali love to you all! ❤