After spending some time at the coast, we headed back to Ubud. Perfect place for some relaxation and online work. We had our own little Balinesian house with a private pool – our little oasis.

We just had to share it with some geckos, frogs, warms and a crab. Yes a big crab came out from behind the toilet one night when Maria was doing her business there. You can imagine the reaction! ??

In that part of Ubud outskirts we had yet another lovely restaurant, just a couple of rice fields away (400 meters or so).

It was such a cosy, cool place!

The owner was an australian artist doing some amazing colourwork paintings that decorated the walls of this place. All in the spirit of Bali with motives from everyday island life.

The Mesari restaurant quickly became our favourite place to dine and hang out.

And we can really recomend the coconut latte. Right Maria? ??

Lots of coconut love to you all! ❤