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Month: February 2018

Wedding plans – we got the location!

The wedding plans are moving allong and I am so happy to anounce we have found the place – and booked it! Woohooo!

The ceremony will be held in what I call The Space Rocket.

The Space Rocket is a church in our close by neighbour hood. It is up on a hill surronded by a park with a beautiful view over Stockholm.

Actually it is called Sofia church, but around the time Maria and I met, my dad was passing away in cancer. And everytime going for a walk around Marias neighbour hood (now ours) along the water, I could see the church and thouth of dad and said; “Hi dad.” And then I usually said to Maria “There is the Space Rocket to dad’s. He is close by. Somewhere.”

So I am happy to say that this is where we will get married!!!

And after the ceremony we go for a short walk down to the ferry, that will take us to our hoods and here we have found the perfect location for the dinner and wedding party! ????

By the water, just like I visioned! And as a bonus – close to home. ❤?

When we started to look for location here in Stockholm almost everything was booked. But I was sure we would find our place – and so we did! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Dad, univers or whom or what ever! Thank you. ?❤

So save the date – The 16th of June we are getting MARRIED!!!!

Xoxo ~ Märta

The change

Our home is all quiet. It is early in the morning and I sit in a moment of gratitude.

I have just wrapped up a week with a lot of work, laying a puzzle with several pieces, in order to move my life in the direction I desire. Hard work, intention, allowing uncertainty and trusting the guidance of the universe.

In two weeks time I am leaving my permenant job, which means working less as a Speech and language pathologist/therapist and creating more space and time for yoga, energy medicine and Pilates. And also for things yet unkown.. ?

My fiancee Maria and I are working on ideas of creating a network to spread more joy, abundance, awareness and fun stuff to share with the world. Let’s see how it goes!

But for now I sit in gratitude. With the intentions I place in my mind together with a willingness to let go and let the universe guide me. Simply move in the direction of my gutfeeling. A big change is coming. Slowly but surely. ???

I wish you all a Pawsome, peaceful weekend ❤ Lots of love ~ Märta

The fear of getting married…

Am I nervous about getting married – YES. ABSOLUTELY.

At first, I just felt this unreal distress about our wedding. I couldn’t pin point what the anxiety came from or what it meant, and it made me very confused. Don’t get me wrong – I love being engaged to Märta and I love the fact that she asked ME and that she is so cool about all this wedding planning. And I love HER. ❤

After we went to look at the church where we are planning on having the ceremony I knew what has freaked me out. Feelings.

Sofia church, Södermalm in Stockholm


I saw myself standing in front of family and friends bursting into tears and showing my feelings for everyone to see. I’m not an emotional person, or at least I haven’t been before, but everything changes. And I need to get used to it. I know that I will not be able to go through the wedding ceremony without crying and it scares the shit out of me. On so many levels.

Märta is more relaxed about our wedding plans… 🙂


I also feel uncomfortable being in the center of attention for a whole day. You might not think so, but it’s true. Maybe it’s appropriate to say God help me now that I’m getting married in a church ? something I never thought I would do.

Always imagined I was getting married in a skyscraper or at the beach in some warm place like Hawaii.

Where did you get married or want to get married? Comment below. ?


Wedding plans – The start

The sun is up and we have been out to catch the light of day. Like all Sweds, we go out whenever there is a chanse to get some sun. One of the best feelings in the world, especially after a long dark winter, is when you can feel the warmth from the sun on your face again.

Since the proposal we have sporadically started to plan the wedding – like for example I am all over the internet to find cool and beautiful weddingdresses (or outfits ? ).

We have now come to the conclusion that we wish to share this special day with all of our friends and family – we wish to have a huge party – basically – share the love!
That means we are looking for a venue to host a big party. And we have been on a few showings so far…

Not sure though that we have found the spot yet.

One thing is for sure. If it is going to be in Sweden, it will be in Stockholm. Our home, and our beautiful capital.

Lots of love from a sunny Stockholm! ❤?

❤ The Proposal ❤

Who proposed to who? Where did it happen? and how? A big surprise? We will let you know in this blog. ? We hope you like it! Lots of love ~ Märta & Maria ❤❤❤❤❤❤

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