On my Birthday this year I was asked to give a speech about my story and my path to a healthy life.

When I was in my late teens I got really sick and my whole immune system collapsed. I was brought to the hospital by ambulans in full speed with the sirens on. Everything in my throat was so swollen that I couldn´t breath. That was just the begining of about 13 years of struggeling with disease, medication in form of injections, endless doctor appointments meeting people with no capacity of understanding how it felt being a youg woman traped in her own body…

So on my birthday last Sunday I was asked by the national board of an organisation helping people with primary immune deficiency, to tell my story. I was so nervous.

It brought back so many emotions that I delt with over a long time, and I sat at home sobing while prepping for my speech. Actually I didn´t need much preparation – I had held that speech so many times in my head when taking a shower, cooking a meal or doing any other daily activity. My thought was if I so could help one, ONE person, feel better and get inspired to move towards a heathier life, then that would be worth telling my story for. It would be worth telling about some of my lifes worst moments only in order to show that anything is Pawsible.

In return I got smiles, head nods, tear drops and ‘Thank you’s’ from so many it moved me. The respons I got made it all worth it. And it will all be worth it again. There is a power of sharing ones story, especially if you are on a mission – like I am. ? I work with women helping them create healthy, joyful Lifes through an inner shift of awareness – giving yoga- Pilates- and meditation classes, healing sessions and soon to be digital courses. This is only the begining. And I hope to reach as many people ready for a healthy, joyess life to join me and my partner Maria.

I wish no one has to go through what I went through without support and knowledge about our infinite strength from within. ❤

It will be a joy if you join us, making this life a journey lived from our hearts, together. ❤

For one who truly has faced hard times in life, knows what is important.

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