Rising like the Phoenix from the Ashes, after difficult times, realising that there is more to life than working long hours, having a hectic everyday schedule with very little time for reflection, creativity and time for loved ones. 

A seed that grew from within gave force to a will of transforming our selfs and our Lifes. 

This is a story that starts from within and spreads out like ripples on the water. This is about the exhiting journey of life it self, of fulfillment in the present moment, and from moving your energy and actions towards what the heart desires. 

This is the story of two Scandinavian souls – one a spiritual junkie, independent, artsy creator working as a yoga teacher, healer, voice- and communication specialist – and one a modern entreprenuer, worldtraveller and rediscoverer of self-booknerd (who would preferably dance to anything Eurovision), theire quest of shaping theire lifes as deisred. A Life of freedom, prosperity and abundance. A Life where spirit leads the action, where reflection mirrors the outcome and where awareness brings out the joy! 

Our wish is to share with You our journey. A journey that requires courage, persistence, hard work, deep self inquiry, love, attention and getting out of our comfort zones. Our story is based on this belife – anything is possible – or as our Zen master Napoleon would say – “Anything is PAWSIBLE“.  
We strongly believe that where the attention goes, energy flows. 

This is our heartfelt invitation to You, to join our network, our blog, to shift your energy towards the things you want (more of) in life – what ever it is! To join us on our everyday life journey – a discovery of life it self all around the world, grand and small, our quest to live at peace, from our hearts – going after what we want. Step by step, creating the life of our Dreams. A life of freedom, love and prosperity. Togehter with you <3 

Anything is Pawsible! 

Namasté ~ Märta and Maria