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Wedding dresses part 2

Did Maria find her wedding dress?

Nop not this one….

Stunning! But… No. Not this one either.

But she did find a cool, elegant one. And we bought it! She will be gourges! ❤❤❤

But this dress is for us to know and for you to see at the wedding day. We like it a bit old fashion style. Oh wait, that means I shouldn’t have seen it! ?

So what about Märta?

Let’s just say that I am sort of still searching for a dress.

Olé!! ??✌

Happy Sunday to you all ❤❤❤ ~ Märta & Maria

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The wedding dresses…

We tried on…

But did not buy!

Let’s just say there are some gorgeus dresses out there, just not for us. ?

As you can see on the look of our faces. ?

The classical look – it’s just not for me.

Maria though, my bride to be, looked stunning! But not so amused… ?❤

(Maria is standing on a little footstool ??)

I still feel like I want a completely different kind of dress.. but let’s see.

Thankfully we had moral support with us. ❤ Thank you Birgitta!

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Lots of Friday love to you. ❤❤❤ Xoxo Märta & Maria


Wedding dresses! 

Morning  time again and I am in my quiet zone. The inspiration is flowing and I just started to look into wedding dresses online… Wooah one can get stuck for hours! 

I love design in so many ways – just beacause of the playfullness of forms and colours, the creative process! 
Finding the balance of alignments to enhance features is an art. Almost like a dance! In dance we strive to find the perfect alignment to creat beautiful shapes and forms – different constallations – and the skill is not far from creating designs (shapes and forms) in other fields. It is all a dance – a creative expression of life! And when done skillfully – a fantastic creation you can’t take your eyes from. Pure joy, if you ask me. 

So sittning here, in the cosy Hotel bed with my bride to be sleeping her beauty sleep next to me, feeling joyfull about planning the wedding and looking at dresses. Who would have thouth, some years ago… ??


But I realized I’m going to need some help!! So please comment down below if you have any ideas for where to turn to for a beautiful wedding dress! 

I like a modern touch, Scandinavian simplicity, with a bit of a romantic touch. That said- it wouldn’t surprise me if the dress I’ll wear at the end will look quite different. ? Things never turn out the way we think, so it is best to aim at something and then just go with the flow. 

…..(She woke up ?❤)….. 
I wish you lots of love and creativity! And please send me ideas for dresses/designs/website! ? ?????

❤❤❤ ~ Märta 

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Planning the engagement – The rings ?

Being the freedom lover I am plus having to learn to trust another person and having them close enough to get to know the real me, without loosing myself in the relationship, was one of the reasons i felt I wanted to be the one to pop the question. If I ever would. 

You see, I was one of those girls who never dreamt of getting married. As a child I thought the idea of a wedding was terrifying; having to stand in front of a crowd admitting and declaring the love for someone. And non the least, I had to learn to feel free within my own relationships. This took me some time and hard work. I didn’t learn it as a child so I had to teach myself as an adult (with great help and guidence). 

Now I feel great with our relationship! It sure has it’s challenges and it’s ups and downs, but that’s just life. And I am so grateful for having this experience. To have Maria by my side, as my love, my support, my peaceful companien and as my challenge. And also soon to be; my wife. ❤ Lucky me. 

Thinking that I in the begining of our relationship, when my dad got sick in cancer and past away within 3 months and my family was just torn apart, I almost walked away from Maria. I start to cry every time I think about it. Thank God, with Maria’s help, I decided to stay. 

So after all of this, I’m sure you can understand that I wanted to be the one asking HER to marry ME. ?

Last year I started learning silversmithing. And the idea came to mind (plus Maria and her sister Christel insinuating by showing me the ringfinger ?) that I should make the rings and pop the question. 

And so I did! Thin silver rings. Since I still don’t know what kind of design on a ring both Maria and I would actually like to wear most of the time (no obligation to wear it all the time). But a symbol for love that looks so great (or simple) we’d love to wear it a lot. 

About the proposal, we will soon tell you all about it! ???

The idea is that I am going to make new rings during this spring, I just have to come up with a design we like first. (And actually, we both are quite found of our simple silver rings ?). Got any ideas for design? If so please share them with us in the comment field below! 

Wish you lots of  ❤ and happiness from Bali ~ Märta 

IVF-update: Two lesbians on the pill

It’s time for an update, don’t you think?

During the summer we did, not one but two, IVF-trials. One with a fresh embryo and one with an embryo that had been frozen. It still amazes me that this is even possible!  And I am so grateful that we live in a country where we get this help (almost) for free. I’ve joined some American IVF-groups on Facebook and boy do they all struggle. Especially with money for the treatments but also with hormones affecting their bodies and of course a lot of tough feelings. I not going to lie. This is hard. All of it.

I got so caught up in the process of conceiving a child that it almost became my entire reality. For a while I thought obsessively about what food I ate and didn’t ate. I also thought a lot about the fact that I’m still struggling with my burnout. How does this affect my body? Is it even possible to get pregnant in this state that I am in? If I am so low on energy that I barely can exercise can my body then handle a pregnancy?

Meet this little girl (still without a name), our friends lovely, beautiful daughter.

 The questions and thoughts just didn’t stop. That’s when I felt that I needed a break from all of it and I’m glad we made that decision together Märta and I. We have two more embryos in the freezer and I want them to get a fair chance. I need to approach our coming IVF-treatments with a much more laid-back style, otherwise I don’t think I’ll ever get pregnant.

My nephew Mario and I (He’s named after Super Mario Bros)

We love it when Mario comes to visit us in Stockholm!

We decided to wait for at least six months before we do another treatment. That will give me some time to get my body back on track. The hormones gave me endometrial seizures (that hurt like hell) and the cure for this is to take the opposite hormones which is going on the pill. So here we are, two lesbians on the pill, not knowing what the universe has in store for our future. ? It’s kind of exciting and we are now focusing all our energy on our new projects as viral entrepreneurs.

Our pawsome family 🙂


Happy Friday!


Fantastic funny Friday!..with Spanglish guests on the way

I wrote yesterday about spreading the love. To send a loving thought, reach out a helping hand once in a while or just burst into a beautiful smile. We can all do that. ?❤ 

There are many ways to spread some joy, so since it’s Friday today, I’ve decided to keep it simple and share a happy, funny picture of Maria that I took in bed last Sunday morning… I am still laughing! ? I love my little book nerd, looking like Santa Clause! ??? (Notice it was the first time ever using an application like that! I think I nailed it, don’t you?!) 

And just to even it out… Here is a funny pic of me from this past week, om my way to work in the snowstorm… looking like a misplaced turtle. ?❄? 

Keep on spreading the joy and love in anyway possible! ❤❄❤ 

And tonight our Spanglish guests arrives… Qué bien! 

I wish you all a fantastic Friday! ~ Märta 

Date night ❤

Maria is back after visiting her family in her hometown for almost a week..

And Napoleon and I are thrilled! ?❤ 

Last night after Maria got home we went out on a date. I had booked the tickets already this summer and was so excited it was finally time! 
We first went to Centralbadet for dinner, in their lit up indoor green garden; a sort of light therapy for our dark Scandinavian months, in the middle of Stockholm. 

The food there is a mixer of really healthy meals and Scandinavian classics. I had a Portobello burger with sallad, so delicious!

In the green garden our friends Brittis and Ida met up with us (also known as Eddy and Patsy, if you recall Absolutely Fabulous ?) and made sure the glasses were filled with wine ?? at least for Maria and Brittis. 

A stone’s throw away the show was about to start; The Nutcracker! By Fredrik Benke Rydman – one of Sweden’s most acclaimed choreographer. 

A mixer of street-, break-, jazz dance and balett. 

My heart were singing and my soul were dancing with the performers on stage to the beat of the rythm. I felt like I was floating on the music of the classical notes. I loved it. ❤ 

How so many layers of messages can be delivered and interpret by so many with music, movement and staging says it all. No spoken language needed. ❤ 

Now it is time to give Maria a massage and enjoy the Friday feeling. Napoleon is already on the table waiting ?? Lots of Friday fun and love to you all! ? 

~ Märta ~ 

What to do and best Xmas present ever? 

We all face challenges sometimes, big or small, and this week has been a bit challenging for me. I believe that we are guided in the direction we need to go and combined with our free will, we end up exactely where we need to be. 

Right now I am feeling really tired, sad and fed up with my job (the one where I work as a Speech and language pathologist in the health care system). I got a bad cold this week and after a.. crappy meeting with my boss, it got even worse and I lost my voice. I know, I know what is said in eastern medicin that not speaking up or speaking your truth or shutting down emotions often effects the throat. On top of it my nose was stuffy indicating confusion or not knowing what to do.. I don’t always think these “diagnoses” are correct, but in this case they are. I don’t know what to do with work right now. And that is connected to life in general. Where am I heading? Am I doing what I love? (When did I stop?) Can I love what I do? Or do I need to change my job? Can I support myself working more with yoga, energy medicin etc? 

My wish is to work part time as a Speech and language pathologist (less than I do today) and part time with energy medicin, yoga, Pilates and voice therapy. Lets see what happens. Today I am just sick and sad and sort of giving up. Letting go. From there, good stuff usually arises. Or at least new things, when releasing old. And Maria and I are heading towards a more free lifestyle so maybe this is a nod in the right direction? 

Thankfully I have one of my best friends here this weekend (even though she’s out and about with her family and relatives of her wife) I still get some good vibes from that. Unfortunately the only dancing Queens we will be is right here in our living room. Dancing with their boy Noa who loves to play ballerina (yeay!) and leaving the night out on town, conquering the dance floor at a gay party, for another time when my throat and head is better..! 

So leaving the confusion for now, let me tell you about what I think might be the best Christmas present ever?!?! 

Imagine this; Maria and I waking up on Cristmas morning. Having a nice, cosy breakfast and then a few hours later – up in the air, with a glass of sparkeling white wine, toasting to our long trip to…. Bali!!! 

What do you think? Best Christmas present ever or what?!?! 😀 <3 

Lots of love to you all, xoxo ~ Märta 

Dancing Queens 

I was going to tell you about this week, many exhiting and beautiful things has happened! Yoga and Pilates classes almost everyday. Interesting, lovely people, my special tuesday activity .. 😉 and plenty more. But!!… I have a problem to solve. Can you help me?  

A wannabe Dancing Queen (?).. at her former work place. 😉 

You see my best friend J, is coming to visit next weekend. Great! With her she brings her 4 year old son and her wife. All good. Maria and I will be baby sitting on Friday night so that the lovely ladies can go out for some fun with my best friends wifes family who is gathered in Stockholm for the weekend. 

My best friend J and me. 

So here it is – me and J want to go out dancing on Saturday! 😀 Caramba! Yeay! It’s a gay party and all! I haven’t been out dancing in ages. It was actually Maria’s idea. She wants to go too! Grrreat! 

Cray fish Swedish tradition with J last year. Maria doesn’t like Cray fish so the best way to eat it is with someone else. Preferably this one 🙂 

But how shall we conivince the wife of my best friend that going out dancing is a great idea, while she has to stay in with theire son?!? 

I know it may sound a bit selfish.. but I only see my friend so rarely, so lets hope we can come up with something that works. Maria even calls my friend J “my dance girlfriend” ? Luckily Maria is not the jealous typ. I love her for it! (But she hasn’t got a reason to be jealous anyway ? ? ) 

So…. will we be Dancing Queens next weekend or…? 

Well, let’s see 😉 

Lots of love and Dance to you all! Xoxo <3 

Autumn vibes

One year ago from today, we spent the whole day and night at the ER before I had to be submitted to the hospital
Let’s just say that I am grateful for the year that has passed by. Parts of it have been really painful and I wouldn’t want to do it again. But it also came with insights. I am eternally grateful for my health. 

Everything happens for a reason and the things that we like to label bad, are usually events that come with great transformation and a big goodie bag. At the end. We just need to ride out the storm, do our best, remember the peace inside us and walk the walk. And look for beauty in life even when we are at our worst. Im not saying to ignore our sorrows or trying to replace our sadness with over-enthusiastic happy smiles. Absolutely not. But too look for the beauty in life with a grace and knowingness that it is all there for a reason and it is all there for me. By me, for me, of me. All is connected. 

So.. looking back at this tough past year… I now look forward to our upcoming events, adventures and everyday life 🙂 

Stay tuned to join us in shaping our lifes  the way we dream of!  

The autumn here has been beautiful! Here are some pics from last week of autumn in Stockholm and our neighborhood. 

(Nooo we didn’t steal a baby! I was on a walk with my good friend Ingrid and her little Thedore in Hammarby Sjöstad 😉 )

Lots of love ~ Märta 

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